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The reader can not read out how to troubleshoot

Publish: 2016-10-10  Views: 1416
Check the card reader to check the steps:
     First, check the reader is not the problem, that is, after the card into the card reader and then insert the computer, if the front does not respond to the interface, then insert the rear interface, if the post-interface or read out, then Will be replaced for a computer plug. If normal, then that is the original reason for the computer, if not normal, then the reason is the reader. If you insert a card reader in another computer, the card reader is normal, then the original computer failure.
     Computer settings failure solution:
     1, then the original computer, click [Start - Control Panel - Add New Hardware - Find] and then look for there is no external device, if you can open the click [Hardware] will drive uninstall, and then insert the reader, re-install drive.
     2, of course, can enter into safe mode, and then repair the registry, and then re-enter the normal mode to plug the card reader, view the fault resolved.
     3, if the fault is still the case, then try to restore the computer to the time when there is no failure, or the power <a href = "" target = "_blank" system = "keylink"> system disk repair, open a command prompt, type SFC / SCANNOW carriage return, and then insert <a href = " /348/3499.html "target =" _ blank "class =" keylink "> System </a> disk repair. Here we do not need to go to repair, the system will automatically detect the repair.
     4, if the fault persists, set the drive in the BIOS as the first boot device into the system installation disk, press the R key to select repair installation.
     5, usb power shortage caused by the reasons. This may be usb interface, the external device caused by too much.
     Solution: Right-click [My Computer (Computer) - Device Manager - Find Universal Serial Bus Controller option, and then in the options drop-down list above there are some options], double-click the option, and then open the Properties dialog box, switch To the Power Management tab, remove the check to allow the computer to turn off this device to conserve power, click OK.
     If there is a failure of the reader, first check whether the data cable connection is broken. Then there is a fault in the interface. Try to change the interface can be. Xiaobian of course, the reader is not very expensive, change the card reader. The above is all the steps to solve, I hope to help you!