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What is sd card reader and its principle of use

Publish: 2016-10-10  Views: 659
What is the sd card reader? SD card reader is read sd memory card device. Currently on the market the most common memory card SD Memory (SD card). The memory card is now widely used in digital cameras, DV, MP4, MP3 players, PDA handheld computers, multimedia phones. In order to facilitate the data carried by the memory card can be more people to use, the reader along with it.
What is sd card reader and its principle of use

Sd card reader uses
Lift the reader, many people will immediately think of this product is produced with a digital camera, but now is no longer confined to the use of digital cameras, but extended to more areas. "Reader" As the name suggests this is a device to read data, but it can not only support the data read also supports data write. Its initial design idea is mainly to compensate for the digital camera data output defects arising. As the early USB interface is not universal, so the output of digital cameras are connected with the computer's serial port, the serial data transfer rate is very low, if the data copied to the hard disk, it will take a lot of waiting time , So the reader came into being. With the MP3, PDA and other digital products, the development of a strong impetus to the reader. Now MP3 standard 256M or 512M flash memory obviously can not meet our needs, so add 1G or higher flash memory has become our standard configuration, but if we want to MP3 songs copied to the flash memory, only through the MP3 broadcast

And this time we need a dedicated connection, driver and software to complete, so that MP3 players can carry a lot of portability, and if this time we use the reader, then, do not need MP3 Player intervention, you can directly put MP3 songs stored on the flash memory, so that MP3 becomes more convenient to use.

Sd card reader works
Use the U disk, MP3, card reader + SD card to start the computer to install XP ideas; is to enable the computer from the U disk (ie card reader + SD card) to run, without having to run from the hard disk, Card + SD card) is running up to start a complete system, which contains several software such as GHOST. And then use the GHOST to install the system, and if the original hard disk is not backed up to the GHO file, you must copy a GHO file before the SD card inside, or you go to GHO file to restore it.