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U disk and card reader What is the difference

Publish: 2016-10-10  Views: 919
U disk and the difference between the reader: u disk articles
    U disk is simply a plug in the memory card reader, but the U-chip as the chip is directly welded to the PCB board, coupled with a good brand makes a good U disk read speed has been guaranteed, read Card with a memory card can be used as a U disk to use.
    U disk, full name USB flash drive, the English name "USB flash disk". It is a USB-based micro-high-capacity mobile storage products that require no physical drive and is plug-and-play connected to a computer via a USB interface. U disk called the earliest from Netac technology to produce a new type of storage device, called "USB", use the USB interface to connect. U disk connected to the computer's USB interface, U disk data can be exchanged with the computer. And after the production of similar technology equipment as Netac has been patented, and can not be called "USB", and renamed homonym "U disk." Later, U disk this call because of its simple and easy to remember and thus well known, is one of mobile storage devices.
U disk and card reader What is the difference
    U disk and the difference between the reader: Reader articles
     Reader (Reader) is a special equipment. There is a slot for inserting a memory card and a port for connecting to a computer. After the appropriate memory card is inserted into the slot, the port is connected to the computer, and the required driver is installed, the computer treats the memory card as a removable memory so that the memory card can be read and written by the card reader. According to the type of compatible memory card can be divided into CF card reader, SM card reader, PCMICA card reader and memory stick reader, etc., as well as dual-slot reader can use two or two (Speed is very slow, very rare), parallel port reader (suitable for early motherboard computer), USB card reader (fast, easy to use, Easy to use).