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What to do if the card reader does not recognize

Publish: 2016-10-10  Views: 1400
Sometimes, when we use the reader, there will often be unrecognized, then, when the reader can not identify the time, how should we do?
What to do if the card reader does not recognize
      What to do if the card reader does not recognize
      First of all, the first case, if the computer can not identify the reader, there are two possible, bad motherboard interface, bad reader interface.
      If you plug in a USB port on your computer, unplug it, plug it into another socket, and if it does not work, plug it in again until all the USB ports are plugged in.
      If not, check whether the card reader interface is deformed or a foreign body. If found to be normal motherboard interface problems, the need for professional maintenance.
      In the second case, the card reader does not recognize the memory card. There are many types of memory card, tf card and sd card, if your card reader is multi-functional, pay attention to is not inserted into the appropriate interface, each interface is on a memory card. Also be careful not to reverse the memory card.
      Memory card damage This situation is more likely, because the memory card's special structure, it is vulnerable to damage. The simple method is to replace a memory card inserted in the card reader to see if normal, if normal, then the reason is the memory card.
      If for a memory card still can not be properly identified, there may be a reader failure, which may appear loose contact bad.
      Above is the reader can not identify the way, I hope you can not identify the reader when the reference to this article to solve this problem, and hope that we can better be applied in practice.