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How to use the card reader

Publish: 2016-10-10  Views: 1028
Card reader, which is a lot of people will often use a USB. But how to use the card reader? This is a lot of people are not very familiar with the point, the following Xiaobian will be detailed for everyone.
How to use the card reader
      How to use the card reader
      There are many kinds of card reader, it can be when the phone memory card, you can also use as a portable USB. The current price is not very expensive. When you buy, be careful parallel.
      Lift the reader, many people will immediately think of this product is produced with a digital camera, but is no longer confined to the use of digital cameras, but extended to more areas. "Reader" As the name suggests this is a device to read data, but it can not only support the data read also supports data write. Its initial design idea is mainly to compensate for the digital camera data output defects arising. As the early USB interface is not universal, so the output of digital cameras are connected with the computer's serial port, the serial data transfer rate is very low, if the data copied to the hard disk, it will take a lot of waiting time . Therefore, the card reader came into being. With the MP3, PDA and other digital products, the development of a strong impetus to the reader. MP3 standard 256M or 512M flash memory has obviously can not meet our needs, so add 1G or higher flash memory has become our standard configuration, but if we want to copy MP3 songs to flash memory, only through the MP3 Player, and this time we need a dedicated connection, drivers and software to complete, so MP3 players can carry a lot worse, and if this time we use the reader, then, do not need MP3 Player intervention, you can directly put MP3 songs stored on the flash memory, so that MP3 becomes more convenient to use.
      In addition to the above-mentioned digital devices provide convenient use of data transfer, the current card reader is also a lot of use in the mobile data storage. In the early years of the use of computers, as long as a few floppy disk can copy the commonly used software, DOS system as long as done in a floppy disk is enough, and those small game a floppy disk can be installed several. Floppy drive as a standard driver basic equipment to meet the people work, study the storage needs. Later, with the development of computer technology, especially the introduction of WINDOWS operating system, the software volume into a geometric progression increases, the standard 1.44M floppy disk for these behemoths that poor capacity as "drop in the bucket." The desire for mass storage has led to the growing popularity of hard drives, optical drives and various storage devices such as compressed storage devices, not only that, people accustomed to the mobile office would prefer to have a portable portable data storage large " "equipment. So the type of external storage devices are also more and more, the first ZIP, then there are external hard drives and so on. But their size is not small enough, carry with or some inconvenience. Now popular U disk, such as the Netac USB, Lu Wen disk, the Patriot Mini King, they will USB controller and flash memory chips together, the volume is very small, for large-capacity data transmission is very convenient. However, the higher the price of such products, you pay the price is also a lot of money. If you use the combination of card reader and memory card can also provide the same effect of U disk, memory card mainly CF card and SM card, they are using flash memory chips, MP3 players, digital cameras, PDA and other devices are widely used. When the USB card reader plug in the memory card, the equivalent of a mobile electronic hard drive. This compact and convenient flash memory card has become our convenient mobile storage media, and the reader is the flash memory used to exchange data, the most convenient device. Their performance and U disk rather, the volume is not large. But the price compared to the gap between the two, such as a 1G U disk price of 200 yuan; and with a card reader (20 million) with a 1G memory card (100 million), a total of only 120 yuan , The obvious advantages. In addition, this combination has a very strong scalability. The current price of memory cards continue to fall, if you need to increase capacity, you can directly buy a memory card, the price will be cheaper than the same capacity of the overall electronic hard drive. And if you buy a digital camera or MP3 player and other equipment, the memory card can be directly used in the top, to protect your investment.
      The above is how the reader uses all the content, I hope you can really understand the usefulness of the reader, while more in-depth application to real life.