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Charger bad when the how to do

Publish: 2016-10-10  Views: 1037
When your cell phone is charging when you have encountered this situation, that is, the charger fever, if you encounter this situation how you solve, this article on the security network Xiaobian to introduce under the charger on the heat problem.
Charger bad when the how to do
    First, the charger is normal fever
1, the problem may be due to a failure of the outlet lead to poor contact charger, check the socket contact is good or bad, including the socket extension cord contact.
2, due to the plug on the long-term plug, may cause the socket on the charger plug loose, so that the charger's bad contact.
3, there may be a long-term use of the socket, a long time the power cord outlet aging, resulting in poor contact charger.
4, there charger bad situation, there may be a charger is broken, you need to replace the model or with the parameters of the charger.
    Second, the charger how to do bad
Currently the vast majority of domestic mobile phones have adopted a universal charger, day language, Konka, Changhong and other domestic mobile phone brands have introduced a variety of universal charger can use the phone. In contrast to the high popularity in the domestic mobile phone, universal charger in the foreign brand mobile phone is a lot of low-key. Consumers are best not to plug the old phone into the universal charger, and do not use the universal charger for other electronic products.
As a universal charger with USB standard interface, the user as long as carrying data lines, connected with the laptop, but also for mobile phone charging. In addition, it for mobile phones and other devices to provide data transfer between the convenience, to achieve first-line multi-purpose. To solve the duplication of the charger to buy, the most critical is the unified charger and mobile phone interface and charger charging voltage, and now published standards, and did not solve these problems. They want all chargers to be fully unified.