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Car charger on the phone affect you

Publish: 2016-10-10  Views: 940
Car charger is a lot of owners often use the device, then the car charger on the phone have an impact?
Car charger on the phone affect you
      Car Charger Conventional car charger for car battery (car 12V, truck 24V) powered, large-scale use in a variety of portable, hand-held equipment, lithium battery charging areas, such as: mobile phones, PDA, GPS; Consider the actual needs of lithium battery charging (constant voltage CV, constant current CC, overvoltage protection OVP), but also take into account the harsh environment of vehicle battery (transient spikes, system switching noise, EMI, etc.); Of the power management IC must meet: high voltage, high efficiency, high reliability, low frequency (conducive to the design of EMI) switching power supply chip; popular speaking is to require "skin."
      Car charger is to facilitate the owners to use car power anytime, anywhere for the digital product charging accessories. Some high-end car charger generally includes two USB ports, which can charge two digital products at the same time. These products generally have overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, four-fold security features to ensure safe use. Car charger in the car at the same time, but also to home, to achieve car charger, direct charge, USB charge three-in-one multi-purpose use.
      The principle of car charger is to 12 volts to 5 volts after the charge for the phone, due to the charger price limit, the circuit has many shortcomings, the circuit protection is almost no, if the buck and current limiting circuit failure, the Will lead to 12-volt direct access to mobile phones, mobile phones will die. It is recommended to use the car inverter was promoted to 220 volts, and then the original charger to charge, so safe cell phone batteries Ye Hao. Car charger inserted above the car where the output voltage is DC point, is between 12v-24v voltage. Car charger is not very poor quality, it will not affect the phone charge, but it is recommended not to use.
      The above is on the car charger on the phone affect the answer to this question, I hope you can correctly use the car charger, try to avoid harm to the phone.