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What is a backlit keyboard? Analysis on the Principle of Backlit Keyboard

Publish: 2016-10-10  Views: 959
What is a backlit keyboard? Backlit keyboard originated in the ordinary keyboard, driven by the domestic game market, in order to meet the needs of more and more players. Keyboard developers began to study the multi-functional keyboard. Backlit keyboard, backlit keyboard is mainly reflected in the keyboard keys or panel light, you can not turn on the lights at night can clearly see the key letters, on behalf of the product has RAJFOO Raytheon Nighthawk three-color backlit gaming keyboard. The following will explain in detail the principles and characteristics of the backlit keyboard:

    Each key in the keyboard uses a special plastic black part has a good shading, white part with a strong transparency, so to achieve the basic function of the backlit keyboard. For dealing with the affairs of the staff at night is quite convenient, and the appearance of the keyboard is very beautiful.

    Backlit keyboard backlight is different from the backlight (BackLight) should be located in the liquid crystal display (LCD) behind a light source. But the use of high-brightness white LED embedded in the design of the keyboard slot. When the computer receives a keyboard stroke command, the computer through the control of light-emitting diode light-emitting diode.