Rocketek®USB 3.0 2.5Inch Aluminum eSATA Hard Drive Enclosure, Case with 9.5mm

Model NO.: RT-HDDE

Price: $32

  • The transfer rate for USB 3.0 port is 5Gbps (10x faster than speed of USB 2.0), esata port is up to 3Gbps. Delicate and simple appearance, lightweight and convenient to carry.
  • Support 2.5" SATAI/II/III hard drive. Support Plug & Play. Suitable for 9.5mm and below thickness 2.5 inch SATA HDD; Converts any 9.5mm & 7mm 2.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD into an external hard drive for ultimate mobility and convenience; Easy to use power switch offers protection to hard drives; LED activity indicator; Supports Plug & Play, No Reboot and Additional Driver is needed
  • No driver needed. Compatible operating systems with Windows 2000/Windows Me/Windows 98/ XP /Vista/ 7/ 8, Mac OS 9.1/10.8.4 above; Backward compatible with USB 2.0 /1.1 connections
  • Aluminum alloy external enclosure protects drive from scratches and damage. Enclosure molded using high quality and durable aluminium steel alloy, modern and aesthetically pleasing design, effective heat dissipation. Installation is realised using mounting screws, firm and save installation of your hard drives is guaranteed.
  • Free lifetime technical support and 24-month manufacturer's warranty.


-Aluminum alloy 2.5 inch usb 3.0 hdd enclosure protects drive from scratches and damage 
-Supports HDD: 9.5mm & 12.5mm 2.5" SATA-I, SATA-II, SATA-III/SSD (SATA-III limited by eSATA cable to 3Gbps) 
-Interface:USB 3.0 / eSATA for your choice of fast data transfer 
-Transfer Rates : USB 3.0 transfer rates up to 5Gbps, backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1 for transfer rates up to 480Mpbs, eSATA transfer rates up to 3Gbps 
-Soft blue LEDS indicate idle and data transfer states 
-Powered by USB power cable (if you use the eSATA port Please put the power in) 
-Supports Windows & MAC systems and hot swapping 

Speed Test for Samsung 840 Series Pro 128GB 
Mac OS X 10.8.4: Read: 430.0 Mb/s; Write: 420.6Mb/s 
Win8 64bit: Read: 430.1 Mb/s; Write: 410.2 Mb/s 
Win7 64bit: Read: 318.3 Mb/s; Write: 320.1 Mb/s 

Package contents: 
1 x Enclosure, esata cable, USB 3.0 cable,USB power cable, screwdriver, 4 screw. 

-The eSATA cable only serves data transfers and will not power the hard disk. 
-Your drive can not be accessed via both eSATA and USB 3.0 ports at the same time. If both are connected,only the eSATA-connected computer will be able to recognize and interact with the drive while the USB connection will only be used to supply power. 
-For large data transfers, and if you used the eSATA port to transfer datas. please connect the USB power cable to your computer to ensure sufficient power supply. 
-As the status LED is a sticker type design, please be careful not to scratch or damage it during the installation of hard drives, as it may come off. 
-The interface baffle plate is protected by a thin plastic film, If this impares the aesthetics of the enclosure, you may tear it off.