Rocketek 5V3.4A Universal Travel USB Charger Adapter Portable EU Plug Mobile Phone Smart Charger for iPhone Tablet Wall Charger

1.imported intelligent automatic protection chip to ensure the safety of mobile devices, CE / FCC / RoHS certification, charging no worries.
2.Built-in intelligent protection system to prevent overcharge, overload and short circuit, the effective protection of mobile devices, security worries.
3.Standby power consumption of only a quarter of the ordinary universal charge. Energy saving, from you and I start, bit by bit from the beginning.
4.dazzling blue LED charging indicator, charging the ultimate charm. Cold light source, does not affect sleep at night.
5.standard USB output, stable, secure, compatible with the majority of smart handheld devices market charge.



Brand: Rocketek
Model: US02
Material: ABS + PC environmental protection material fireproof material + PCBA board
Structure: fireproof material shell material + PC (plug ultrasound)
Programme: IC program
Input: AC100-240V 50--60Hz 0.35A
Input: EU regulation
Output: DC 5V 3.4A
Appearance: stylish tall on the grade! Dual-port USB3.4A output

1, the total output of 3.4A, dual USB port devices to assign different maximum current required to achieve the fastest time-saving charging speed.
2, built-in intelligent IC protection and intelligent automatic identification IC output current, and any ports can charge any device! Single-port maximum output of 2.4A, which means you can charge with 2.4A tablet.